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Trusted HVAC Sales and Service in Southern Ontario

For 25 years, Frostline Mechanical has delivered trustworthy workmanship to help our customers manage their facilities and meet business objectives. Whether you’re embarking on a regularly-planned capital cost project or encountering an emergency situation, Frostline Mechanical strives to maintain a quick response time in order to keep your interruptions to a minimum.

Often Referred

Frostline Mechanical always puts customers, employees and public safety in the forefront, making us an often-referred contractor leader in the mechanical, HVAC and refrigeration sectors. When you call us, your job will be done to the highest possible standard.

In-House Resources

As a true Service Oriented Organization, Frostline Mechanical will ensure that all of our customer needs will be met through our in-house resources, whether it be for a single individual to several skilled trades personnel, with services ranging from energy reduction audits, scheduled safety maintenance inspections to gas fitting, HVAC, and refrigeration.

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